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Maryam Kalantari

Our goal is to deliver the customer’s goals, on the basis of special promotions to the highest possible level and expand the scope of economic success and commercial customer and Provide solutions and promotional practices that help your sales immediately and is faster and easier than before increase.In this way the presence of specialists and professionals with academic education, And continuous presence in the advertisement, In the field of Graphic design, print and advertising consulting Is done



The main issue in the design of the Visual identity, creating a coherent structure and intuitive via a number of Understanding the atmosphere and space your Business Server SB.Graphic designer with attention to the diversity and variety of organizational activity of the enterprises, companies, and social and cultural events and therefore detect the client needs, Visual identity design and collectible creation.


The competition is one of the realities of life, whether it is a commercial organization for progress, more sales or get to compete for scarce resources or a producer of goods and services in the marketplace or even the owner of a chain store or a shop and. .The main determinant of your competition in the market, how to introduce you to the general consumer or special, Or the presence of a competitive market is continually being you That’s important, just the right advertising policy is available